In high school I was always interested in cars. I started working at a scrap yard helping dismantle cars and learning more about how they work. From there, I began helping out at the body shop, again furthering my knowledge of vehicles. I have always been interested in learning more and this was a unique opportunity to do just that.

Some time later I began working in insurance, providing customers with home and automotive insurance, and eventually ended up in the automotive financial services realm. Since 2008 I have remained in this role, using all the background knowledge I had at my disposal. Working with my brother and other family members, we decided to do things a little differently than most dealers and found that clients appreciated our approach.

In 2013, we decided to take our business model into our own hands and started our own dealership Garston Motors. With my family working with me we were able to drastically grow the business to become one of the largest in Cambridge Ontario! Our unique client centered business model has allowed us to provide thousands of quality vehicles to the tri-city area (Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo) with no signs of slowing down! We are proud to be the fastest growing car dealer in Cambridge Ontario and giving back to our community at the same time!!